So why do we ask for a deposit?

Honestly it's because like fireworks, steel play equipment and lawn darts, a few people ruined it for everyone. Realistically it looks after both Caker and Customer.

For the customer by placing a deposit the caker has your booking and is making you a cake, and will factor this in when taking on any other orders for that date. It is likely an agreement to the terms and conditions.

For the Caker, it means that the customer is serious about buying a cake and willing to put their money where their mouth is.

So why so much?

Everyone has their own idea about a deposit - some say 50% and some a flat $100. Sometimes its the full amount (usually when it's within a week or two of the event - more on this later). So why would you put $100 down on a $150 cake? Well to be honest a $150 cake does not have that much profit for a caker and it's a good chance that it will be the majority of the cost of the cake in ingredients (chocolate is surprisingly expensive - especially if your business is based on being beautiful and delicious and not just cheap). So this level of deposit means that the caker is not out of pocket for the cost of the ingredients if you decide to not turn up or pay the full amount.

So why do I have to pay before delivery? Well let's use weddings as a good example... It's not considered good manners to chase a bride down the aisle for final payment - and even a party at someone's house - if they have 14 kids there and forgot to get some cash out or overspend etc.. they're not nipping down the road after a cake is all eaten. Paying the poor sod who lugged it there for you comes second to a lot of things.

This is also why late bookings might attract a full amount as the deposit. Late bookings or "rush jobs" also may attract other fees, for example if the baker needs to order special equipment (such as personalised toppers or molds) and pays an express delivery fee, it will be passed on.

So to avoid put bakers out of business or getting debt collectors chasing you, it's better to pay before the day... besides, there's nothing like someone seeing their awesome cake leave with the cranky cake lady?

OR it could end up like this?

Wedding cake found on side of the road


wedding cake_side of the road


A Melbourne woman found an abandoned wedding cake on the side of a street near her house. It has now sparked massive interest from equally curious locals.Source:Facebook